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Bennie Baseball Training
One-On-One With the Pros:

Hands-On Baseball Training From Former Big League Baseball Players

Bennie Baseball is a player-focused baseball academy.  Now, it’s easy to say that—it’s harder to put it into practice. 

Well, if you want to see our ethos in action at the most fundamental level, check out our private lessons.  Whether it’s a small group or a one-to-one session, our coaches take the time and the effort to get to know each player.  What are their strengths?  What could they improve on?  And most importantly, how does that player feel about their game and what they can do?  

So come on down to our baseball academy in South Beloit and see what you can do with some hands-on baseball lessons by the pros.

Training Overview:

General Training Overview For Baseball Players of All Kinds

Each and every player that walks through our doors whether they play on one of our teams, participate in our camps, or private lessons, have a different skill set and we recognize that. 

With personalized player development plans based off of the athlete, it allows us to bring out the most in each player we coach. 

Whether you want to improve your swing, hitting approach, defense, catching, pitching, or arm strength/durability, we have a plan for you!

Off-Season Training:

Off-Season Training For Baseball Players Of All Kinds

It’s easy for any athlete to relax a little during their off-season.   Most regular seasons are practically full-time jobs, and working at a sport day-in-day-out for months can be an exhausting process. 

But if you’re looking for a way to stay in shape during the off-season months, and if you want somewhere to practice, play, and train, Bennie Baseball might have just what you’ve been looking for.  Our South Beloit baseball academy holds off-season baseball training camps for players of all stripes and kinds, and we’re always open to new players.  

So if you want to take your game that extra mile and you feel like swinging for the fences and making it, check out some of our off-season training offers below.



Kurt Fago
November, 2019
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Joey and Robert do great things with each athlete that walks through their door. The believe in the athlete and bring out the best in them. Whether you want to learn more about baseball or become better at softball, these guys are hands down the best in the Stateline.
Amie Jo
April, 2019
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This program hands down is the best foundational programs my son has been a part of. Joe and Rob are invested in each and every athlete and treats everyone, including siblings as part of the family. They are organized and keep communication lines open to ensure you always know what is going on.
Benjamin Kloepping
October, 2018
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Both Bennie brothers offer nothing but the best when it comes to: experience, work ethic, and hands on coaching to their athletes. Glad to have known them for such a long time and could not recommend them enough!
Tony Schaffer
August, 2018
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Definitely a huge difference in my sons form while hitting. Also a very noticeable difference in the power of his swing! I would recommend him to anyone!

It’s not about what’s left on the scoreboard—it’s about what’s left on the field.  


Our player development goes further than just coaching the fundamentals of the game. We believe in teaching our players values that translate both on and off the field.


We encourage each player to step outside their comfort zone and to embrace failure. Without failure, we cannot learn, adjust, or improve. With each rep we have the "win or learn" mentality.


Our coaching staff is committed to representing ourselves on and off the field the right way. We set the example of how we expect each player to act both on and off of the field.

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