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“It’s not about winning or losing—it’s how you play the game.”  

Almost everyone, baseball player or not, has heard that phrase some time in their lives.  Most people understand what it means on paper, but they haven’t really lived it. 

Joe and Robert Bennie have.  The two brothers made big league dreams come true—twice.  From the time they started throwing baseballs around in the backyard as kids to the present day, they learned that there’s more to the game—more to any game, really—than what the outcome is.  More important than anything, it’s how you play.  

That doesn’t just mean knowing the mechanics; that doesn’t just mean being able to run fast, or hit the ball out of the park; and that doesn’t just mean knowing how to win. 

How to play a game is how you treat other people.  It’s how you use your skills to make the game a truly great experience every time you step out onto the field, for the fans, your fellow teammates, the other players, and yourself.   And it means that when the time comes to pass on the skills of a great game to the next generation, you take that responsibility with the same level of dedication and sense of fun you had when you first picked up a bat.   

Bennie Baseball is a baseball academy that is proud to say we adopt a player-first approach.  Our goal is to teach young players how to improve themselves, their teammates, and their game, one step at a time.  Whether it’s one-on-one lessons, off-season training, a baseball camp or a travel team, our staff is committed to providing every player that comes to us with the skills and the confidence to walk out onto a field and play a game they can be proud of.

So if you’re looking for somewhere that can deliver big-league training with an emphasis on crafting individual athletic values, look no further than Bennie Baseball.  Our goal isn’t just to win—it’s to Educate, Train, and Inspire.

What People Say
Kurt Fago
November, 2019
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Joey and Robert do great things with each athlete that walks through their door. The believe in the athlete and bring out the best in them. Whether you want to learn more about baseball or become better at softball, these guys are hands down the best in the Stateline.
Amie Jo
April, 2019
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This program hands down is the best foundational programs my son has been a part of. Joe and Rob are invested in each and every athlete and treats everyone, including siblings as part of the family. They are organized and keep communication lines open to ensure you always know what is going on.
Benjamin Kloepping
October, 2018
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Both Bennie brothers offer nothing but the best when it comes to: experience, work ethic, and hands on coaching to their athletes. Glad to have known them for such a long time and could not recommend them enough!
Tony Schaffer
August, 2018
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Definitely a huge difference in my sons form while hitting. Also a very noticeable difference in the power of his swing! I would recommend him to anyone!
Our New Facility - Coming Soon!
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New High Tech Equipment

With brand new gear and different spots across the building to test it all out in, you'll find it hard to leave at the end of the day

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New State Of The Art Facility

The Black Hole was designed by baseball players, for baseball players.

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best indoor training center

This is a monument to the sport built by two brothers who made it to the big leagues. You won't find a better place to train.

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Meet The Bennies

Joe & Robert Bennie

Meet the big league brothers who’ll be helping you get to the next level, one hit at a time.

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Travel Teams

Bennie Elite

Play some great games with teams that are dedicated to each player’s personal growth and development.

A Better way To

Do Baseball

We’re a Wisconsin-based Baseball Academy that put’s the player first. To Educate, Train, & Inspire each player with skill sets that translate both on and off of the diamond.

Camps & Training

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Training + Camps

General Training

It could be your first time with a first base mitt or your fourth year playing shortstop—no matter the player, Bennie Baseball takes the time to train each according to their needs.

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Training + Camps

Baseball Camps

Get together, play some baseball, learn about the sport from former pros, and see what a team can really be.

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Training + Camps

Private Lessons

Work on the fundamentals one-on-one with guys who’ve played in the big leagues.

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Training + Camps

off-Season Training

Keep your champion skills sharp with our off-season baseball training sessions.