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There’s no easy way to learn how to play a great game—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you do it.  

Bennie Baseball strives to put players and their experience of the game first.  We’ll work with you on honing individual athletic skills and abilities while also emphasizing the importance of working together with teammates and coaches.   Every game, every practice, every day is a learning experience for everyone involved—even the pros.  We here at Bennie Baseball don’t just know that for a fact; we work to integrate that lesson into everything we do.

So if you’re interested in making your game the best it’s ever been, take a look at our teams below and see if what we do will work for you.  Can’t wait to see you on the field. 

-Bennie Baseball


It’s not about what’s left on the scoreboard—it’s about what’s left on the field.  


Our player development goes further than just coaching the fundamentals of the game. We believe in teaching our players values that translate both on and off the field.


We encourage each player to step outside their comfort zone and to embrace failure. Without failure, we cannot learn, adjust, or improve. With each rep we have the "win or learn" mentality.


Our coaching staff is committed to representing ourselves on and off the field the right way. We set the example of how we expect each player to act both on and off of the field.

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If you think you’ve got what it takes to put in the work to join our team, either stop by our Join Bennie Baseball Page, or if you have a specific question, contact us here.  We’re always happy to find some new players ready to develop their skills.

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