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What It Takes

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There’s no ultimate written rule or thing to know in order to be what you want to be. At the end of the day, it really is those who work the hardest and put in the sweat equity that’ll end up going where they want to go. So never stop trying to get there.
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Work Your Butt Off

Every great thing that has ever been done started because someone got out of bed and did it.  That sounds easier than it is—but those who put in the work know what it’s worth.  Don’t you want to find out, too?

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Be Patiently Patient

Hard work pays off, but the road it takes you on is never short.  Keep pushing forward no matter how long it seems to be taking.  At the end, you’ll hardly believe how fast it all went by.

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Wake Up
Every day, wanting all your dreams to happen that day. Do everything possible to make them happen that day.
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It's a Process
Results can sometimes take awhile to show—but if you keep working, if you’re patient, and you have your goal in mind, every day, you will succeed in some way or another.
A Better way To Do Baseball
We’re a Wisconsin-based youth baseball academy that focuses on player development and a culture built around learning from all skill levels and areas of experience.
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What People Say
Kurt Fago
November, 2019
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Joey and Robert do great things with each athlete that walks through their door. The believe in the athlete and bring out the best in them. Whether you want to learn more about baseball or become better at softball, these guys are hands down the best in the Stateline.
Amie Jo
April, 2019
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This program hands down is the best foundational programs my son has been a part of. Joe and Rob are invested in each and every athlete and treats everyone, including siblings as part of the family. They are organized and keep communication lines open to ensure you always know what is going on.
Benjamin Kloepping
October, 2018
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Both Bennie brothers offer nothing but the best when it comes to: experience, work ethic, and hands on coaching to their athletes. Glad to have known them for such a long time and could not recommend them enough!
Tony Schaffer
August, 2018
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Definitely a huge difference in my sons form while hitting. Also a very noticeable difference in the power of his swing! I would recommend him to anyone!